Gen Academy | Academic Courses
We provide the best academic tutoring service and test prep courses in Toronto
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Academic Courses

Regular Course



Essay, Reading and Writing, Literature (Reading), Grammar, Vocabulary,
Presentation skills, ESL.

Gen Academy provides academic English courses including essay-writing, reading and writing, literature, grammar, and vocabulary development for students who currently attend schools in Canada. These courses focus on long-term, real development rather than mere memorization.

For new students in Canada or study-abroad students during the summer and winter time, ESL classes are provided by specialized ESL instructors.

English Courses

*All English classes are 2hrs per week during the school year, and 4hrs (2hrs x 2 times) per week during the summer. Please refer to the SCHEDULE page for details.

Academic Courses

  • MATH

      • Gr. 1 – 12
      • General Math
      • 2 hrs per week and total 16 sessions are
        needed to finish the curriculum for each grade.



      • Gr. 7-10 General Science
      • Gr. 11-12 Biology, Chemistry, Physics
      • 2 hrs per week and total 16 sessions are needed to finish the curriculum for each course.



    • Latin
    • Chinese Mandarin
    • Korean
    • French